Monday, July 20, 2015

Blogging Again (I've Run Out of Selfies)

A decade back, I abandoned the blogging game. My initial blog, SoonerPolitics was quite successful. It ran for about two years and had a healthy readership and awesome informants who kept me supplied with insight and insider dope about Oklahoma politics. But the blog was distracting me from other things that were important in life and my career, so I folded it.

The traffic on my social media the last couple of years  convinced me to come back to the web blog medium. There's a great conversation at work in the world. But sometimes I feel  constrained by the 140 characters of Twitter,  the display algorithm of Facebook, or the editors of conventional outlets. So, I'm setting up a tiny megaphone in this corner of cyberspace.

There will be some politics, some sports, a little bit of culture, and maybe even a little fiction. We'll see how it goes. Updates will instantly appear on Twitter (@GaddieWindage), and feed through to Facebook.