Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#CollisionWithFame: The Jake Lamotta Coincidence

On October 27, 1949 middleweight fighter and former WBA champion Marcel Cerdan was flying to Spain to fight Jake LaMotta (the “Raging Bull”).  Cerdan had lost the title to LaMotta earlier that year.  The Air France Constellationhe was aboard crashed off the Azores, killing all passengers and crew.  On September 2, 1998 SwissAir flght 111, an MD-11, crashed off Nova Scotia killing 229 persons, including LaMotta’s son, 49-year-old Joseph LaMotta.   The younger LaMotta was flying to Geneva to negotiate European distribution of the Jake LaMotta tomato sauce brand.  The SwissAir crash was a result of faulty wiring in the wide-body craft, and the elder LaMotta sued Swissair and Boeing for $50 million.